What We Do

Master Plan

A Master Plan starts with a programming meeting to determine what you’re looking to achieve and where we familiarize ourselves with your space and how you interact within it. We then move into an interior site survey and start inputting that information into CAD drawings to establish all your existing conditions. From there we start space planning by analyzing the drawings to see how we could reconfigure your spaces to best suit your needs. At a follow-up meeting you will then receive schematic conceptual drawings and review a general palette of color and finishes.

Project & Construction Administration

This aspect of interior design is vital to keeping your project moving. Keeping in constant contact with your contractor and keeping tabs on all aspects including furnishings right through to installation.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design is always on our minds. Working in a state that often leads the way in innovation for sustainability we work on keeping up with all the latest news and trends to bring them to you.

Kitchen & Bath Design

Kitchens and baths are a forte of Pennington Studios and many have been award-winning designs. We love creating new ways for you to fall in love with your home. Our extensive library of finishes and materials is where we develop your individual look.

Furnishing specifications and purchasing

This is where your house becomes a home. It is generally a time when you can really start to see your vision all coming together. We love to show you what’s new in the marketplace and perhaps expand your current style in new and different ways.

Custom Cabinetry & Furnishings

We pride ourselves on our custom cabinetry and furniture designs to maximize whatever space, storage, or esthetics you desire.
Over the years we have developed relationships with craftsmen who excel in their fields and love to work with them to create your individualized interiors.

Construction Documents

Working within the permits of your particular area, we develop construction documents. These are the textbook that your contractor will rely to review specifications, and layouts to aid them and their subcontractors, from bidding to building. These can change as the client’s needs and desires may adjust through this process.

Lighting Design

Most clients are amazed at what a difference a good lighting plan can make to their space. This is another area where innovations are happening every day. We keep current with all the new trends and work through the lighting plan with your contractor. When it comes to fixtures there is such a vast array in the marketplace and we will hone those options to meet your specific style and needs.

Color, Finish, and Material Specifications

Details, details, details! Once the Master Plan is in place we present you with a palette that we think would be suited to your look. So many choices are available and there is a vast range that can be custom matched to your particular budget.